Perspective Taking and Communicating:

Steps for Conflict Resolution

Steps for Conflict Resolution

  • STOP! Recognize your emotions
  • Calm down using a coping skill, if needed
  • Calmly explain the problem from your point of view
  • Listen to the other person – Let them explain their point of view
  • Once the problem is understood from both perspectives, generate possible solutions
  • Reach a solution both parties can agree upon trying out
  • Carry out the solution, evaluate how it went

Next, we are going to have you think of three different conflicts, misunderstandings, disgreements, or arguments you have had. These can be reoccurring conflicts or one that just happened recently (i.e., within the past week). They can be with your parents, teachers, siblings, or friends.

MODULE 5: Perspective Taking and Communicating

How Managing Emotions Can Reduce Conflict

How Our Brain Reacts During Strong Emotions

Steps for Conflict Resolution

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